Are you looking for the right DJ for your event?

Together we can select the perfect artists to turn your event into a unique musical experience! Our artist portfolio offers the right sound for every type of event. 

The right artist is what makes a venue an experience. No matter if it’s a festival, open-air, or a club event, we help you out. Picking the right artist makes the difference and will be recognized by the audience.

We only represent talented musicians, that have their own style and sound, artists that truly express themselves through the music. Let's get in touch and book a Nightlive member.


If you want to become a part of the community and express yourself through the following genres: techno, house, deep house, melodic house, tech house, progressive house, indie dance, minimal, downtempo, and electronica, contact us.

Send us a fresh mixtape (no cut DAW), that we can listen to and tell us about your DJ setup. So we can classify your skills and sound and can get in touch with you.


We are a free movement of electronic music. We are a network that connects artists with clubs/events that celebrate the same music we all love. As a network, we are striving to share any experience and thoughts that are related to the topic that connects us all. We bring people together.

for any requests contact us via the link below

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